Just Ask

Simply ask and Kuwbot will answer or transfer you to a local ready to help you with almost anything. We’ll help you with things to do, places to go, finding products or services, locations, government procedures, and so much more!

We answer what we know [based on first-hand experience, research, network] and research what we don’t. Learn more about Kuwbot

About Kuwbot

Kuwbot is a chatbot assistant that uses machine learning technology to learn from conversations. It’s still learning so it will answer frequently asked questions or connect you to a human.

Kuwbot learns from your conversations, so the more you ask the better it gets! Our team dedicate their time to teach Kuwbot new information from your conversations and inquiries. It also feeds from our regularly updated database that is based on first-hand experience, credible sources, networks, and research.

We have so much planned for Kuwbot, follow us on social media or check out our latest news page for updates!


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Much more!